The user interface of qStopMotion as well as the manual can be translated. Besides, top priority has the user interface. All texts of the user interface are originally in English. Thus the translation always occurs from English into a new language.

Translation of the user interface...

The translation of the user interface lasts about 5 hours for a not available language up to now. For the languages, already for stopmotion for Linux a part of the available translations can be used again. Then the expenditure is lower accordingly.

The translation process is organised as follows:

  1. Announcement of the translation intention to the project administrator,
  2. Installation of the Qt-SDK either under Windows or Linux (can be loaded by the Qt homepage),
  3. The project administrator sends a ongoing source package as zip or tar file,
  4. Unpackinf the source package,
  5. Starting the Qt linguist and selecting the project file (,
  6. Translation of the English texts into new language,
  7. Packing the changed source package,
  8. Sending back of the changed source package to the project administrator.

Whenever a new version of qStopMotion appears, small adaptations are also necessary in the translations of the user interface.

Translation of the manual...

Coming as soon as the English manual is finished...